Xiangyang High -tech Zone: intimately serving automotive component enterprises


Xiangyang High -tech Zone: intimately serving automotive component enterprises

At 7 am on May 24th, a truck from Shanghai arrived at Zhenggang, Xiangyang City, Han 10.

Waiting for the staff of Xiangyang High -tech Zone here, driving a large truck to the owner’s warehouse.

After unloading, the staff took the truck to the high speed again and sent him away. "Thank you for the vigorous help provided by the High -tech Zone’s Automobile Park Office." Wei Fan, Minister of Nissan Logistics Department of Fengshen Logistics Company, said moved away.

Dongfeng Nissan Xiangyang Factory is Dongfeng Nissan mid -to -high -end vehicle production base.

Wei Fan’s responsible department provides nearly 10,000 kinds of parts and components for Dongfeng Nissan’s factories in Xiangyang, and thousands of parts are produced or imported in Shanghai.

After the Shanghai epidemic occurred, the relevant parts were affected by Xiangyang, and the production and development of the enterprise encountered resistance. On April 10, Wei Fan went to Xiangyang High -tech Zone Automobile Park Office to seek help and received strong support from the office. On May 24th, under the full coordination of the Office of the Automobile Park Office of the High -tech Zone, Wei Fan quickly filled out the application form, freight vehicle transfer form, corporate cargo circulation registration form, and transport vehicles carrying components quickly. Drive at high speeds and leave the closed -loop management. According to statistics, Xiangyang High -tech Zone’s overall road transportation epidemic prevention and control and logistics preservation and unobstructed protection, simple processes and efficiency have provided services for more than 80 enterprises in the area of ??the area.

(Huang Daofeng Sun Xing).